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About EMPOwerment Life coaching

Our life coaching is approached from the point of view that people are very powerful in their own right. We are simply there to point out possible blind spots that they cannot see on their own. We thus empower them to achieve personal growth on their own. 

Although we must charge fairly for our time, training and services, personal wealth creation is never a priority for us as we do this work. We do not have ambitions other than a pure desire to realize ourself and help others realize themselves. We don't need fame and a large following, because it distracts from the path of self-discovery and service. 

Life coaching as a craft is a great phenomenon of the modern age, revealing the growing value of emotional intelligence and a need for personal growth within our society.  

Sheli Bowman

Sheli is a certified life and health coach. She also has an MBA and spent over 20yrs in both corporate life and the chaos of running start-ups. Consequently she understands some of the pressures and challenges these present. Sheli actually got into health and life coaching to help herself, friends and family members with issues they were facing. The areas she specialises in are:

  • Bringing out your gifts and talents and leveraging them for success
  • Motivation, strategy and practical actions to take to reach specific goals
  • Knowing who you really are and what will bring you joy
  • Developing better health and wellbeing through cultivating healthy micro habits
  • Reaching a deeper understanding of your spiritually

Besides being a certified life and health coach, Sheli is also a certified Soul Realignment practitioner, a Reiki Master/Teacher, an Access Consciousness practitioner. She can also help clients with actions that will improve their ability to manifest their dreams. These modalities are simply additional tools she uses to help clients in a variety of ways, at a deeper level and as is needed. She is however, not a financial planner, nutritionist, psychotherapist, guru, personal trainer, psychiatrist or relationship counsellor. 

How to turn your vision of your best you into reality

How does life coaching actually work? Synergy between the life coach and client creates momentum and enthusiasm. Better goals are set— ones that naturally motivate the client. The client develops new skills, based on their gifts and talents, which in turn leads to greater success. 



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